There are times you win, and sometimes you learn, but when you chose to travel, you never lose!


Hi. I am Shelley, and I am a native Californian. I grew up in what was once a quiet small town. By quiet, I mean that the most exciting thing that happened was the 5-minute fireworks show each night at 9:00 p.m. Now, that was the clue. If you missed it, the fireworks were courtesy of Disneyland! Southern California was my stomping ground and as beautiful as it was; I was so bored and unsettled.

My first taste of adventure came when I moved to San Pedro and was introduced into the scuba diving industry by Truth Aquatics, Inc. A deep passion for travel, diving and adventure were born! Wishing to expand the business and discover new diving experiences, we moved the operation to Santa Barbara. The years flew by and so did life. I got married and started a family. I was now what the boating world calls "land locked".

Armed with two sons, a passion for food and a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management, I started my quest into the food world. I spent the past 20 years in this world and loved it.


As a true Sagittarian, travel and adventure are in my bones. I have been fortune enough to have visited 9 US states, Belize, Mexico, USVI, BVI, St. Martin, Egypt, Jordon, Israel, France, Hawaii and New Zealand. My bucket list is still long. Moreover, I believe that is a good thing.

Being in what I consider the prime of my life, it is now my full-time quest to find fun, exciting and adventurous trips to explore this fascinating world and share them with you. I combine my skills as a professional Chef/Restaurateur/Wine Educator with my unquenchable appetite for travel and then weave each experience into stories to share.


As a  food/wine/travel journalist, I been featured on JPR Travel, European Life Magazine, The Moscow Times, China Daily and New Delhi Times.

When I'm not scribbling up a storm, you can find me cooking, photographing, gardening, spending time with my family, wine tasting and planning the next adventure.


Here's to our journeys!


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