There is so much more to traveling than just seeing things. It’s about discovering, experiencing new places, sounds, cultures, local cuisines, and libations. Sometimes where you travel to is the reason to visit a place all by itself. And sometimes, it is only part of the experience. It might be the beach of your dreams or a new town you discover you never want to leave. It’s one of our favorite things about traveling.

I am on a quest to find look places that are unusual, creative, unique, and special – the kinds of places you want to tell people about. This is my collection of places, restaurant reviews, winery tours, recipes and trip suggestions from around the world. They range from hostels to five-star hotels, for me special isn’t about the price, it’s about the character.

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Treasure chest


Perfect for the Cocktail hour


Comfort food to the exotic!


Choices of both near far await you.

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