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I like to celebrate life with fantastic food, wine, friends, and travel! They all go hand in hand to enrich your life. This is where I will share my adventures, both near and far, future plans, and my far off dreams. If you like inspiring stories, the path less traveled, learning about new 'things' close to us, intriguing  places of interest to visit, excellent cuisine and have an attitude to ‘celebrate life’, then we have a lot in common! Stick around to see where we end up next!

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There are times you win, and sometimes you learn, but when you chose to travel, you never lose!

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A walk in the Park

San Francisco is a city full of excitement, so where can you go that is not filled with long lines, crowds of people? The Golden Gate Park is the perfect place to relax and reconnect! There is just so much to see and enjoy here. It’s a day filled wonders, amazing art, breathtaking flora, quiet moments, unique creatures, and time to relax your soul. Make it a day in the park! Bring a picnic to appreciate nature entirely and your camera is a MUST.  Read more

20130924_antinori_0887f (1)

Antinori blends Old and New World Wines

The story of Italy’s Antinori family history is one filled with tenacity, trials, patience, bumps, triumphs, and has withstood the test of time. In fact, more than two centuries or 26 generations ago in the year 1385.  Read more here

Winter in all its glory

What I love most about wintertime is family, friends, cozying up to a fire, reading a great story, listening to the rain and preparing a great feast. Of course, there are many reasons to venture out like celebrating the Chinese New Year this month in San Francisco, a day at the Monterey Aquarium or sipping fantastic wine while making new friends. Whatever you choose, it would be a day of excitement and smiles. Cooking is also a great past time. Check out these options!

Six recipes to pair with your favorite red wine 

Clams with Pasta and Bacon 

Zesty Lemon Bars

photo Collage

Paso Robles

A Hidden Wine Country Gem

Paso Robles has become one of California's most exciting wine regions. Ten years ago, there were less than 35 wineries here. Today there are more than 200. And the wines they make are garnering increasing acclaim.

Paso Robles ("Pass of the Oaks" in Spanish), in San Luis Obispo County, is located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, which makes it a day trip or a destination in its own right and the wines they make are garnering increasing acclaim. Read more

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